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What to Expect

What to Expect

Dream Center Internships exist to build up young leaders in order for them to build out into the world. We are seeking young people who want to be immersed in a non-profit organization that focuses on helping others with a hand up instead of a hand out.

Values In Short

Discipleship Opportunities

Clear Expectations

Hands On Experience

Leadership Development

You Will Learn

Non-profit Leadership

Principles of Toxic Charity

How to be an Ideal Team Player

How to Impact Your Community

What we offer

What We Offer


Immersion Internships

This program will provide opportunities to be involved, engaged, and fully immersed in the day to day operations of The Dream Center. Those applying will have the opportunity to choose from a 6, 8, or 11 month internship. 

Interns will be encouraged by a mentor and empowered through reading provided books with a focus on leadership development, non-profit work and personal growth.

College Internships

We are committed to partnering with local colleges and universities to help meet student class requirements as well as provide impactful experiences and skills.

There is no time requirement for this option of internship at The Dream Center. No start or stop date will be given as the purpose is to best serve college and university students in our area. 

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Dream Center Immersion Internship Application

Dream Center

College Internship  Application

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