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"My walk with Christ has been strengthened through my time at The Dream Center. I have found my passions, seen restoration in my family and accomplished every one of my goals with the help of the staff and volunteers. I am a new creation in Christ."- Destiny Carswell, The Opportunity Village Resident 

"The Dream Center has taught me that life is not at all about me and has opened my eyes to how everyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus should regard, respect, and relate to all people- regardless of economic level, color of skin and outward appearance.  ALL are created by God and in His image and need to be loved like Jesus does!" - Christy Hansen, Board Member and Santa Shoppe Coordinator 

"The Dream Center truly changed mine and my children's lives. I met Jesus while in this program through the guidance of the staff and volunteers. I am grateful that God led me here because I am forever changed."- Amanda Stewart, The Opportunity Village Resident 

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